Stone flooring

Installing quality natural stone flooring at your home or business location will add a warm and natural ambience that offers both practical value and appeal.

McIver Flooring and Supplies LLC offers a range of stone flooring types

Slate Flooring

Highly versatile and strong, slate flooring is made up of clay, quartz and shale and can be used in either commercial or residential locations. Stain-resistant and ideal for kitchen and bathrooms, McIver Flooring And Supplies LLC offers this sturdy and attractive natural stone flooring in a range of earthy rustic colors from red and orange to rust and brown.

Marble Flooring

Discover the sophistication of McIver Flooring And Supplies LLC marble stone flooring and beautiful marble floor tile available for limitless applications in both commercial and residential locations. Universally recognizable for its veined surface, our marble flooring selections are available in a variety of color variations that add timeless elegance to any space.

Granite Flooring

The most durable of flooring surfaces, granite is highly resilient and can be used for indoor or outdoor flooring applications. Composed of a variety of minerals that provide superior moisture resistance, McIver Flooring And Supplies LLC offers natural stone flooring in granite that is perfect for hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and other living areas.

Sandstone Flooring

Available in limited neutral tones, sandstone flooring is suitable for both indoor and outdoor residential and commercial spaces. Durable, yet porous, McIver Flooring And Supplies LLC installers are equipped to thoroughly seal sandstone flooring to preserve its natural beauty and ensure long-lasting performance.


Sometimes mistaken for marble, this delicate form of naturally altered limestone can be treated to offer a highly textured surface or a smooth polished facade. Offering comfort and resilience, travertine flooring is available in either stone or tile and contrasting variations of colors and patterns.

Porcelain Tile

For a cost-effective alternative, choose ceramic tile that looks like natural stone available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures. Browse through the McIver Flooring And Supplies LLC collection of porcelain tile that achieves your vision for elegant stone flooring at a fraction of the cost.

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Natural stone flooring installation

Installing natural stone flooring in your home or business might seem straightforward, yet problems can arise to challenge even the most experienced DIY enthusiast. Experienced McIver Flooring And Supplies LLC stone flooring installers are fully trained and experienced with multi-faceted tile and stone installations at both residential and commercial locations. We offer the skill and expertise that helps property owners save time and money in the long run with professional assessment regarding the suitability of existing subfloor surfaces and ensuring the safety of the installation worksite. In addition to assisting clients with making the most ideal stone and tile flooring selections best suited to their needs, our qualified installation staff is available to work in tandem with other professionals, including plumbers and building contractors, to ensure that each natural stone flooring project is completed in the most organized and efficient manner. From superior floor design to experienced installation, McIver Flooring And Supplies LLC provides exceptional stone flooring products and services to suit any business or residential requirement. Contact our helpful and knowledgeable staff to schedule a free consultation.