Laminate flooring

Nothing can enhance your home or business decor more than beautiful flooring. If you are considering the classic natural beauty of wood flooring but are looking for a more cost-effective alternative, McIver Flooring And Supplies LLC offers stylish and practical laminate flooring installations that serve as attractive flooring solutions in addition to providing you with a range of practical benefits.

What is laminate flooring?

Assembled from several layers of durable and finely processed materials that are bonded together to simulate the rich grain of authentic hardwood, laminate flooring can be made to look like an actual wood floor or flooring that resembles stone or marble. In addition, installing a laminate floor is also the most environmentally responsible and sustainable flooring option since it is made up of recycled trees and refined industrial wood waste.

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The history of laminate flooring

Similar to a high resolution photograph, lamination was originally develop by Dr. Morris Blum, a dentist who in 1938 used clear plastic resins to cap and bond tooth enamel to eventually discover that he could laminate photographs that lasted much longer than usual. Laminate flooring required a much more intricate process that began in 1977 when a European company began marketing the flooring that offered improved stain resistance and durability with great success. McIver Flooring And Supplies LLC is an experienced laminated flooring contractor offering today’s advanced flooring technology that includes a limitless range of remarkable floor designs and improved long-lasting performance.

Choosing laminate flooring

For real wood enthusiasts, McIver Flooring And Supplies LLC offers laminate wood floors that offer the exceptional style of real wood with superior strength. A high-quality engineered wood product, our laminate flooring is made up of several layers of finely processed wood with a high gloss durable finish that offers long-lasting performance. Choose from planks or tiles in a variety of styles and colors that can richly replicate the looks and finishes of any real hardwood.

Laminate floor installation

Attractive, affordable and easy to maintain, McIver Flooring And Supplies LLC laminate floor installations include a reliable interlocking system that requires no underlay or messy and often toxic adhesives. Each laminate flooring installation is completed promptly and comes with a solid warranty against moisture damage and additional protection.
Laminate flooring in Crawfordville, FL from Mciver Flooring & Supplies

Easy maintenance

Unlike the more time consuming upkeep required to by traditional hardwood floors, our quality laminate flooring is highly stain and impact resistant and is easily maintained with regular vacuuming, sweeping and a light damp mopping to easily remove dirt and grime. Manufactured to also resist moisture, McIver Flooring And Supplies LLC provides quality laminate flooring for the kitchen with ultra-durable finishes that stand up well in high-traffic areas at home or business locations.

Rich textures

McIver Flooring And Supplies LLC laminate flooring includes textured, hand scraped and embossed flooring surfaces that provide the authentic appearance of hardwood. Available in a range of price options, even our most inexpensive laminate flooring selections serve as convincing replicas of hardwood flooring with less maintenance and more versatility. Our laminate flooring installers provide free on-site estimates and will customize installations to suit your location and requirements. Contact McIver Flooring And Supplies LLC for a free estimate and learn more about the benefits and cost of laminate flooring compared with other flooring options.